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Public Relations

Public Relations


               Who’s telling the story for your brand?


               It takes a masterful mix of content and context to grow a powerful brand. That’s why Element is here. Our public relations team will work together with our social marketing and key influencers to build and amplify great companies with real connections, building influence and value, while providing concrete results. Our arsenal of innovations will improve your communications capabilities.


Our Public Relation team have unique expertise in the growing field of influence marketing. We’ll work with you to develop creative strategies that leverage the word’s most effective and authentic social influences. From identifying and activating them to managing your campaigns as they move forward.



Whether you need to fill a particular features background role for a single project, or a larger specialized background call for an entire production, our Casting Department can help you meet all of your production needs. Working with talented and dedicated professionals to give a face to your brand, on television, features, commercials and marketing printables.