The Creative Element




                      Element Studios provides more than just a technical solution to recording and tracking. Our priority is a musical and sound approach to recording, mixing and mastering the sounds, and to refine and polish the material, either on a recording session or producing new music, as a whole artistic , musical expression. Recording and producing is a science and an art form, but it also applies technical skills and a state-of-the-art digital equipment and recording studio.


Audio Engineering

We don’t listen to music, we live it. Expressing or capturing different sound waves and manipulating it to achieve the best post-production resource possible, to implement to a film or series, or just capture a talk show





Voice-Over & Dubbing

Our team of qualified professionals help you achieve exceptional results in the growing television and film market all around the world. From working with a specialized translation, dubbing, editing and mixing in over 5 different languages. Voice-over could also be done in multiple languages depending on your project and your audience.


Recording & Producing

We work with artists, to create and produce the best sound and music possible. We assist in the creation and recording of music, producing and mixing concept album before publishing to the open market.